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School Lunches

Do you know what grinds my gears? School lunches. I go through a tedious day of school just to have a less than satisfactory meal with fancy restaurant portions. Now I know that the school has their hands tied behind their backs thanks to the government, so the school is not the one to blame. Michelle Obama is the cause behind our insufficient portions of lunch food. She thinks that our youth is overweight and unhealthy. First of all, just because some kids shouldn’t eat so much food at lunch, doesn’t mean that you need to starve the rest of the student body. I play sports year round, and I need a lot of calories for practice and games. The other day for lunch, we had chicken nuggets. Now I love chicken nuggets and it’s one of the better meals served at the school. However, I did not like the fact that we only were given five chicken nuggets each! I would be able to eat two full school lunches instead of just one. The school does allow you to buy another lunch, but only if the line is still open and if you finish your other lunch first. The odds of both of those things happening are very slim. Finally, the price of lunch has gone up as well. If I bought two lunches, it would cost me five dollars. Times that by all the days I go to school and that adds up fast.

Either way, Michelle Obama thinks the school lunch is why our youth is obese. Our youth is obese because of the things we do out of school (junk food, lack of exercise, etc.) Maybe I’m overreacting, but I can’t really tell over the growling of my stomach. Please don’t grind my gears Mrs. Obama!