Bad Drivers

Do you know what grinds my gears? Crazy, erratic drivers. Seriously! When you get behind the wheel, you are not just responsible for your life, but also all the other people who you meet on the road. Driving is not something to be taken lightly, and thousands of people die each year in car accidents. The freedom of driving is a privilege, and many people take it for granted. Whether you are late to work, you want to impress your friends, or you just like the intensity of it, there is no reason or excuse for driving recklessly.

 This is especially the case in high school parking lots. A lot of students tear out of the parking lots without looking for other cars or braking for others. I guess they just want to look cool by speeding, but it doesn’t impress me one bit. Just one little slip of the gas or the wheel and their car could become pretty close friends with a light pole. I know I joke around when I say that, but it’s still a serious matter. It is a very dumb reason to get severely injured or even killed by a driving accident that could be avoided.

But these types of accidents aren’t caused just by the youth of my generation. It is also common for adults to be in these situations as well. Every time you go into a decent size city around the lunch or break hours, you are sure to see some crazy drivers trying to get around cars and making a lot of close calls. I swear I am going to see them crash before they speed out of my sight, but they never seem to. The bad thing about that is when people drive recklessly over and over without any consequences, they are likely to keep doing it. Unless they get in a crash or get pulled over, they really don’t have any reasons to stop doing it. That doesn’t make it right, but not a lot can be done.

It’s one thing to drive erratically, but it’s another to drive drunk or text and drive. These things are both illegal and extremely wrong to do. Would you like it if you were following all the rules of driving and still get in a crash because somebody else was drunk or texting? Those kinds of things happen a lot too. It is so unfair that innocent people are killed because of people who don’t follow the rules.

I hope that if you don’t pay attention to any of my other blogs you will pay attention to this one. I can’t stand to hear news stories about car accidents because they can generally be avoided, and usually innocent people get injured. Hopefully, you will take this as a reminder to be safe on the roads.

Please don’t grind my gears by driving erratically!


About xgrindingxgearsx

I am just a normal guy in high school like a lot of you out there. The point of my blog is to tell about all the people and things that annoy me to no end: thus "dontgrindmygears" was born. Hope you enjoy! Leave comments of what grinds your gears.

One response to “Bad Drivers”

  1. dannysband says :

    people shouldn’t have to brake for others, if someone is already driving, the other people should have to wait for them to drive by, like i do.

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