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God’s Views Vs. Our Views

            Do you know what grinds my gears? When worldly views get mixed up with God’s views. (Hold on to your socks, I’m getting religious here.) First of all, there are constant pressures out there to try and morph your thoughts and actions to what is considered “cool” down here on earth. For example, wearing provocative clothing is very common for today’s youth. All this does is create lustful thoughts, but it’s considered popular. Some people might not think of you the same if you don’t wear the same type of clothes they do, and that’s just as wrong as the rest of the things that I’m talking about.

            Before I go any farther, I would like to point out that I have been guilty of this as much as the next guy (not the provocative clothing part, that’s mostly for girls). I constantly let worldly pressures affect me more than the views of God. It’s a constant battle for all of us: lustful thoughts, jealousy of others, anger in fights, and disrespect for others; all of these things and more are just tiny battles that we may face in the war of our life.

            Another example of us forgetting God’s values and taking on the worldly values and views would be the iPhone.  Let’s say all of your friends have the newest iPhone and you don’t. Because of this, you feel jealous of them because you want that iPhone. This problem is only expressed more by the fact that your friends may think differently of you because of a stupid little possession that you don’t own. If you chose not to succumb to the pressure and resist buying the iPhone (God’s values), there would be no immediate or obvious satisfaction. Granted, you are doing the right thing, but sometimes that isn’t enough for a lot of us, including me. If you had succumbed to the pressure and bought the iPhone, you would have the satisfaction of the new gadget, and your friends will supposedly think you are a better person because of it (worldly views, and those are probably not very good friends to have).

            The other big part of this is stereotypes. I have been blessed to have been given a good stereotype by society. Especially in high school, being an athlete gets you a higher degree of respect. This is totally unfair, but it is just the way it is. Some people have no ability whatsoever to play sports; that’s just not their God-given talent. However, if you are really good in school, that will get you respect from teachers, but other students may classify you as a nerd. Really all they are  saying is that they are jealous of those people because of their good grades. It’s a stupid thing we humans do, but we just have to try and fix them.

            So overall, I could probably say that I have done these things probably more than you have. I struggle to find the thin line between what is good and bad in life, and whether that “good or bad” is by human eyes or God’s eyes. I guess all I can do is try to improve on these things, and I would hope that you would too.

            Please don’t grind my gears by thinking of what’s popular on earth, and not with God.