Do you know what grinds my gears?  The need for sleep. .Sleep is such a wonderful thing.  As children, we don’t seem to value or cherish the amount of sleep we get.  For example, I regret not taking naps in Kindergarten when we were supposed to be napping.  Now, my napping period is any period that I can get away with. I’m not saying that it’s right, but almost all high school students want to take a nap at some point.  Now a lot of teachers frown upon napping, and I can’t blame them too much.  However, we are in high school now, and we should be responsible for our actions.  If we want to take a nap, let us.  Repercussions will probably follow, but please just allow us the instant gratification of a twenty minute nap.

In other news, research shows that a 10-30 minute nap actually improves creativity and productivity. Granted, there are times when full attention is needed. We could be learning something new or maybe due dates are being discussed. However, there are a lot of times when I know everything about what the teacher is talking about. During these times, I start to doze off. If I fall asleep, that’s my own fault, but please just let me sleep. If I am that tired, a twenty minute nap during the middle of the day could give me the boost I need to make it through the rest of the class periods. If this becomes a daily ritual of naps, then I fully understand that the problem should be addressed. Think of it this way, teachers: Would you rather have a straight-A student take a nap during your class because they were up all night doing YOUR homework, or have a juvenile delinquent disrupting the class? That trouble maker will hurt his education as well as those around him. The only one affected with the former is the sleeping student. Trust me, when you are that tired, you are paying the same amount of attention shaking off the drowsiness of a long night as being full out asleep.

Along with that, if you have students who are constantly falling asleep in your class, it may be partly your fault. I know that notes are a staple in student’s education, but a forty-five minute lecture while sitting in the same spot, listening to the same voice, about the same topic, while staring at the same spot on the clock will cause a lot of students to fall asleep. This can be solved by getting the students more involved in class by either including discussion or asking opinions. Finally, if a student is in a difficult struggle with slumber, let them get up during class and walk around a bit (but not being a distraction). Part of the reason why students fall asleep is from a lack of blood flow. Walking around the room once or twice can get the blood moving enough to make it through that last arduous ten minutes of notes.

Once again, these are all just suggestions!

Please don’t grind my gears by zzzzz……


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I am just a normal guy in high school like a lot of you out there. The point of my blog is to tell about all the people and things that annoy me to no end: thus "dontgrindmygears" was born. Hope you enjoy! Leave comments of what grinds your gears.

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