Limitations of the Brain

Do you know what grinds my gears? When you are limited by your brain. What I mean by this is that your brain limits you in different ways such as lack of ability and numerous dysfunctions. For example, one setback that I am annoyed by is emotions. Emotions will take over your ability to make decisions, process information, and control your actions. In a lot of cases, people will choose different options for decisions based on their emotions. When making a decision on whether or not to do homework, you might choose to just put if off if you are sad or depressed. If you are happy, you wouldn’t care that you would have to do homework. According to Peter Zafirides, who describes it better, “…we still have the same options, but our emotions skew our view of options.”

Another limitation that bothers me is how much sleep is healthy for us. With all the things that school and sports are making me do, it is hard to find the time for adequate levels of sleep. In my sophomore year alone, I have done homework at every single hour of the day, at some point or another. Your brain doesn’t operate at its fullest when you lack sleep in your daily routine. Sleep is when information is stored, memories are sorted, cells are repaired, and more. When you miss out on sleep, your entire body is suffering from not being able to recuperate. Granted, you still make it through the day, but you are not operating at full cognitive function. I guess the only way for me to fix this is either cut back on extracurricular activities, increase my productivity level for homework by tenfold, or keep falling asleep in class. In all honesty, the last latter one is probably what will happen.

A third limitation I can’t stand is nerves. Things that you have done a million times you will still screw up with nerves. I see this all the time on tests and basketball. On tests, people who have studied for hours will start to forget answers because they are a nervous wreck about doing well. And on the basketball court, I can’t remember how many free throws I have missed because it was a tight situation. I know the reason why I do this, but I have trouble fixing it. Instead of thinking about how important it is to succeed, I need to think about what I am doing. If I have done it a million times, I just need to let my instincts kick in, and the rest will be clockwork. Seems simple, right? It never seems to work out that way.

This is why the brain can irritate me. I would just like to point out, however, that the brain is an amazing piece of machinery. It just has a few kinks here and there that can sometimes cause the unit as a whole to fail. You know that saying, “Only worry about what you can control”? The worst part is that most of these kinks can be controlled by the owner of the brain.

Dear brain, please don’t grind my gears by limiting our success together!


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I am just a normal guy in high school like a lot of you out there. The point of my blog is to tell about all the people and things that annoy me to no end: thus "dontgrindmygears" was born. Hope you enjoy! Leave comments of what grinds your gears.

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